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Man Utd Defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka Fined For Speeding At 104mph In Mercedes G-Wagon

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Manchester United star Aaron Wan-Bissaka was caught speeding at more than 100mph in the second week of the national coronavirus lockdown, a court has heard.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

The 22-year-old right-back was stopped by police as he drove into London on the M1 on April 1, after his £90,000 G-wagon Mercedes had been clocked by a speed gun at 104mph.

The players love for ‘Military-looking G-Wagon’ has left Man Utd Car Park looking “like an Army base”.

Details of the incident emerged as Wan-Bissaka was given six penalty points on his licence and hit with a £600 fine by magistrates in Bromley.

Wan-Bissaka, who made a £50 million move from Crystal Palace to United last summer, is one of several Red Devil stars who turn up for the training in Mercedes G-Wagon.

Players who have been seen rolling the boxy-shaped ‘German Machine’ into the training ground includes Dan James, Marcus Rashford, Phil Jones and Luke Shaw.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Man Utd players love for the ‘Military-looking Vehicle’ means the car park at their training base in Carrington has been left looking “like an Army base”.

In addition to paying over $100k to acquire the car, some players have also splashed thousands on customisations to make their SUV stand out from the crowd.


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