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Open-topped Lincoln Continental that JFK rode in on the morning he died auction for ₦142million


The 1963 Lincoln Continental was used to chauffeur the President, Jackie Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally on the morning of the fateful day of November 22, 1963.


A limo which John F. Kennedy rode on the morning of his assassination has sold for $375,000 at auction.

They travelled in it through Forth Worth before boarding a  flight to Dallas where Kennedy was assassinated in another Lincoln Continental later that day.

The second limo is on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

The white Lincoln up for auction was not part of the President’s fleet of security vehicles but had been loaned to Connally for the visit.

It was later sold to a private customer and changed hands many times before it was bought by Jim Warlick, a collector of presidential memorabilia at an auction in 2013.

He offered it at Bonhams American Presidential Experience auction where it had its engine replaced and repainted, but the red interior remains original.

The auctioneers had expected it to fetch $500,000 but it ultimately sold for $375,000.

A bulletproof Lincoln hardtop sedan also used by Kennedy for personal jaunts around Washington failed to find a buyer, but an Air Force One bomber jacket worn by the President reached $250,075. 

Known as ‘Limo One’ the white Continental was used to transport the President and First Lady during their trip to Fort Worth after the four-door had been loaned out by local car dealer Bill Golightly.  

Images from that morning show JFK standing in the car and waving at crowds as he departs. 


The second Lincoln car which went up for sale was used by JFK for personal errands from the White House. 

The car was purchased by an acquaintance of JFK the year after his death. 

It had previously been leased by the government from Ford for the president’s use for $500 a year. 

The car was modified for the president’s use and included bulletproof doors, power steering and brakes, and passenger air controls. 

It had some extra unusual features including a two-way phone.  

The interior of this car also remains mainly the same but the body has been restored.  

The projected price on this car had been between $200,000 and $300,000 but it failed to sell.

After that tragic day, the limo received various modifications, including full armoring, bulletproof hardtoop and a new interior.

It was used as a Presidential limo until 1977 after serving no less than four other Presidents after JFK.


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